Why exercise is good for the skin

Mostly everybody wants to take care of their body, and mostly everybody wants to take care of their skin. Exercise is a great way to accomplish both of these tasks at once.

Yes, exercise is a great way to take care of your skin, and there are many reasons why. If you compare a person in their forties that does an exceptionally well job of exercising every week to a person the same age that does not exercise every week, the resemblance would not be the same.

Exercising for healthy skin

The individual who exercises every week would have much fewer lines and wrinkles making them look noticeably younger. Why is this?

Exercise and healthy skin

Increased circulation

Exercise will deliver you a healthy radiant skin that is very important to most people. Working out as we all know gets the blood pumping throughout the body. When you have good circulation throughout the body, more vitamins, nutrients, and oxygen is delivered to the skin.

These are some the greatest ingredients that your skin needs to stay healthy and glowing. The more of these ingredients you have at a time, the more your body can produce new skin cells and collagen.

Increased circulation also results in free radicals being taken out of the body. Free radicals can cause harm to the skin which makes exercise great. You will also boost up your immune system as well. A healthy immune system contributes to an increased amount of white blood cells which fight against harmful bacteria that harm the skin.

Stress reduction

After UV rays, stress is the second leading cause of aging skin. Stress causes a number of problems for the skin including lack of moisturization, skin renewal deficiencies, and collagen deficiencies. By exercising, you can release much of the day’s stress.

I’m sure most people can relate to having a really rough day, then going to the gym and almost feeling a hundred percent better. How does this happen? The reason for this is because your body has released most of the hormones that caused you to feel stressed.

A major hormone called cortisol is released when you are stressed. This causes the state of fight or flight mode that your body enters when you are stressed out. Exercising helps to release these fight or flight hormones providing you a more clear and relaxed mind.

Sleep aid

Getting a good nights rest or “beauty sleep” is another great way to stop aging skin. By getting in a good exercise, you’ll make it easier for yourself to fall asleep.

With a good workout day, you can achieve a deeper and longer sleep than you would have without one. Be sure not to workout right before you go to bed because this can actually make it harder to fall asleep.

Keeping your muscles

By maintaining the muscles you have in your body, you can be slowing down the aging process compared to those who do not exercise.

As you grow older, the density of the muscles in your body is significantly depleted. If you can stay ahead of this depletion and maintain your muscle mass, you can benefit your skin tremendously. You will not only be helping out your skin but your body as well.

Cleaning pores and lymph nodes

Exercise is also a great way to clean your pores. Whenever you sweat you clean out a lot of unwanted material in your body. These unwanted substances can be stuck in your pores waiting to be realized if you are not constantly working out.

Lifting weights and contracting your muscles is another great way to clean out your body. Muscle contractions can squeeze out bacteria and free radicals in your lymph nodes.


Exercising is a great way to promote healthy and young skin. We should warn you though not to push yourself too hard. By going too tough on your body, you can actually create inflammation which is not good for your skin. It is always good to stay at your own pace and take your time to reach your goals.

Also if you are working out outside, make sure to wear lots of sunscreen. Sun damage is the biggest cause of prematurely aged skin. Whenever you are sweating, the sunscreen can become less active so make sure to keep it on you when you’re exercising.

Ultimately when staying in shape and applying a well reputable anti aging cream, you can expect your skin to stay young and healthy.