Why Are Peptides Good for Your Skin? Benefits of Peptides

You may have heard of peptides in skin care products before, but do you know just how beneficial they can be for the skin? Simply put, peptides are found in many skin care products because they deliver results that work!

In this article we will discuss the following information on peptides to give you a better understanding of what they are all about and answer the question, “Are peptides really are good for your skin?”.

  • What are peptides
  • Benefits of peptides for the skin
  • Examples of peptide ingredients
  • Complementary peptide ingredients
  • Conclusion

By the end of this article, you will know exactly what skin care products you should be looking for and their peptide benefits. So let’s begin!peptide skin benefits

What are peptides?

Peptides are amino acid chains that act as the building blocks of protein. You have probably used a skin care product with peptides in them without even knowing.

An easy way to think of peptides is to imagine them as railroad tracks connecting each track to different stations (Connecting to build protein).

Peptides are usually too large to be absorbed by the skin. They must be broken down or synthesized in a lab to ensure penetrating abilities. This makes peptides an expensive ingredient to include, but of very effective.

Benefits of peptides for the skin

Peptides have a wide variety of benefits for the skin. Years ago, doctors used peptides to heal abrasions and scar tissue. Now they are found in just about every high-quality skin care product that you can find.

This is because they have remarkable skin repair qualities including skin cell renewal, anti-inflammatory benefits, and limiting oxidation. With these special capabilities, peptides are able to drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Boosted collagen production

Collagen is the most populated protein in your skin. It creates strength and structure that your skin needs to prevent and eliminate wrinkles. Over time, your body produces less and less collagen making the skin more vulnerable.

Collagen makes up around a staggering 65 to 75 percent of the protein in your skin. Knowing this, you should be sure to maintain high levels of collagen if you would like to see significant skin results.

When collagen is broken down in the skin, it forms back into peptides. As this occurs, the skin is signaled to produce more collagen. In a similar way, when peptides are put into skin products and applied to the skin, they signal the skin to produce more collagen as well.

As more collagen is added to your skin, the strength and flexibility qualities increase.

Quicker skin cell renewal

Another bodily function that slows as we age is skin cell renewal. Skin cell renewal is vital to prevent skin from sagging. When the skin is not producing as many new skin cells, it loses support and thickness.

Fortunately, peptides will help boost the skin cell renewal process even when the skin is aged. Skin cell renewal becomes much more efficient when collagen levels are high and the skin is healthy.

Boost antioxidants

Peptides also work to stimulate antioxidant enzymes. They do so by reducing the number of counter antioxidants or collagenase.

The more antioxidants in your skin, the better. Antioxidants fight off free radicals that can be causing your skin damage.

Free radicals are highly unstable atoms that are a result of an oxygen atom losing an electron. In an attempt to regain stability, the free radical will seek to steal electrons in order to stabilize themselves. Free radicals can ultimately age the skin leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

Examples of peptide ingredients

  • Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3: Pentapeptides are five peptides linked together in an amino chain. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 works to signal collagen and elastin production in the skin. It is very effective and found in plenty of high-quality skin care products.
  • Argireline: Also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 and is added to skin care products to relax the muscle fibers. This causes wrinkles to smooth out resulting in very similar results of to those of Botox injections. This ingredient alone is known to improve skin wrinkles by up to 30%.
  • Matrixyl: Matrixyl is a signal peptide that aids in collagen and elastin production making it a proven and excellent way to redefine your skin.
  • Matrixyl 3000: Matrixyl 3000 has an added two new peptides that increase collagen levels and elastin production at a much higher rate.
  • Hexapeptide-48: Hexapeptides-48 is a natural peptide that relaxes nerve cells by blocking signals to your facial muscles. These are similar effects to those of Botox.
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: Oligopeptides are made up of over five peptide units. They work to boost collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Complementary peptide ingredients



Retinoids are perfect for generating healthy and productive skin renewal. They work with your skin to get rid of the dead skin cell while speeding up production as well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most commonly found antioxidant in the skin. Like other antioxidants, Vitamin C works to reduce free radicals in the skin.

Skin brighteners

To rejuvenate dull skin, choosing an anti-aging product with the right skin brighteners can do the trick. Skin brighteners work to reduce redness and age spots in the skin.

Ceramide boosters

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is naturally produced by the body. The levels of hyaluronic acids decrease over time which is why it is so important to replenish them.

Niacinamide B3

Niacinamide is a vitamin known for increasing ceramides in the skin. This allows your skin to be strengthened and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.



In conclusion, peptides make excellent skin renewal ingredients. They boost plenty of skin functions that slow down with age. They also work efficiently to fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

When purchasing your next anti aging supplement, you will now know what peptides it contains. If you are looking for an anti aging skin care product packed with effective peptides, you can find plenty of fully reviewed products here on this site.