Eyelasticity™ Age-Defying Eye Therapy Review

Whenever we are concerned about our skin aging, chances are we are looking at the wrinkles surrounding our eyes. These aging signs include…

These are the most common aging areas that make you look older, so it is important to find a product that can fix all of these aging signs revolving around your eyes. Eyelasticity is made to do just that!


Why Eyelasticity Therapy is so effective and how it works

Eyelasticity’s main purpose is to strengthen and rejuvenate your skin back to its younger form while banishing all of those unwanted aging symptoms. So what’s in this product that enables it to do just that? Some of the top ingredients include…

  1. Eyeseryl® – A patented tetrapeptide, Eyeseryl® recently won the “Best New Technology” award by Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine. In recent clinical studies, Eyeseryl® reduced under-eye puffiness in 95% of study participants. When you are searching for the right facial skin care products, a good sign to see is the product being full of peptides. Peptides do many great things for the skin including speeding up skin cell turnover, enhance matrix proteins, and regulate wound healing and cell repair.
  2. Syn®-ake – While claims of “topical Botox” are plentiful, Syn®- ake actually has the right biological factors to back up claims to that lofty title. A synthetic peptide, Syn®-ake blocks specific receptor sites in muscle tissue and prevents the contractions that cause wrinkles and expression lines. Research shows that Syn®-ake inhibits such contractions by up to 82%.
  3. Regu®-age – Another tool in Eyelasticity’s arsenal, Regu®-age was created specifically to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. In a clinical study, of 20 participants, Regu®-age reduced dark circles by an average of 35%, and puffiness by 32%.
  4. ProCollONe+®– This ingredient is known for its ability to increase production of the protein collagen which is the most commonly used protein by the body. This is great because in a recent study a 2% concentration of ProCollONe+® stimulated collagen fibroblasts by an astounding 1,190%! And it’s placed in ideal concentrations in Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy to work with the skin under the eyes which is only at 0.5 mm. It is the thinnest area of skin on the body and is susceptible to tearing which is why it ages so fast. This ingredient is sure to help strengthen this area of skin and give it the plump and rejuvenated look that you are seeking.

Eyelasticity has made many claims of testing these ingredients vigorously making sure that they would produce an effective product. With these carefully selected and tested ingredients, Eyelasticity makes the following claims…

What Eyelasticity™ Age-Defying Eye Therapy claims to do

  • Reduce appearance of crow’s feet and laugh lines
  • Helps to eliminate dark, under eye circles
  • Reduce Puffiness and bagging
  • Combat wrinkles
  • Promote Collagen and Elastin Production
  • Moisturize and soften skin

By having such well tested and positively performing ingredients, these claims seem to make sense. But you can never be too sure without looking for money back guarantees and positive customer reviews. These indicators really have to ability to show companies true colors. We will discuss both indicators down below.

Eyelasticity can be applied within seconds

rapid wrinkle repair

Adding this solution around the circles of your eyes can do wonders to your skin. It is so much easier than going all the way to a doctors office to get the same results.

Simply apply the solution to the area around your eyes and begin to notice the transformation in as soon as two weeks!

Another great advantage to this product is its ability to be used where ever you please. Just keep it in your purse or other carrying devices and apply the product to the designated area.

Money back guarantee

Knowing that there is a money back guarantee is always a good sign. To give such an offer, the product must work foEyelasticity skincare reviewr the majority of the people using the product.

If you are not satisfied with the product within 97 days, just simply return it and get your money back.

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How long does this product take to work?

With any skin care product, the effectiveness is really based on how often you use the product. If you apply this solution less than the recommended dosage, you will probably not see many results. However, if you follow the company’s instructions for a long enough period of time, your chances of seeing results are much greater. 

In one test study, under-eye puffiness was reduced in 95% of the test subjects, and that’s not even the best part! Within that 95% of test subjects, 70% of them reported noticeable results within just 14 days!! Those are truly remarkable results.

Other tests on the ingredients in Eyelaticity show

  • Reduction in dark eye circles by 70% in just 28 days
  • Increased skin moisturization by 100% within 14 days
  • 47% improvement in wrinkles after only 8 weeks of usage

Overall, the majority of Eyelasticity users claim that you will see noticeable results within just 4 weeks of using the product. They also claim that the best results will be found after 90 days of using the product and your skin will be much healthier and smoother than before you started.

What other tests have been done on this product?

In another test study, the makers of elasticity found that on average test subject’s wrinkles were reduced by 20% and a 21% improvement of smoothness.

They also tested its effectiveness on dark undereye circles. Researchers found that patient’s dark under eye circles were improved by 35% while puffiness and bagging showed a 32% reduction!

Lastly, researchers found that the patient’s skin saw a 1,190% increase in collagen production. However, these are all claims by Eyelasticity. Let’s not forget about what actual customers are saying. 

What are others saying about this product?

Many who are looking for great under eye wrinkle relief find great results in this product. Customers typically explain how they’re under eye bags and wrinkles have constantly been bugging them for years, but they could never find the right product to reduces wrinkles and inflammation. 

Even well-known doctors backup this product’s effectiveness. Dr. Dave David being one of them says, “Eyelasticity is an effective product for men and women who want a non-invasive way to erase crow’s feet, fine line and dark circles“. You can even watch his video below where he continues to say great things about this product.


Final Verdict

Is this product worth it?

This is one of the few products reviewed on this site where it has been so difficult for us to find someone who dislikes the product. We think that this links back to the extensive studies and research that were put into this product. 

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With all of its ability to combat so many aging signs around your eyes, it’s hard not to test this product out for yourself. If you would like to find out more information about this product, simply click either one of the buttons below and begin your journey to a new and beautiful look.


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