Does Drinking Water Help Reduce Wrinkles? Hydration and Wrinkles

We all know that drinking water is good for our health. We also know that we should always stay hydrated to maintain good health on a day to day basis.

By did you know that by maintaining great hydration throughout the day, you could be doing your skin a huge favor? Well, it’s true!

Does drinking water help reduce wrinklesMany people ask us, “does drinking water help reduce wrinkles?”.

And the answer is yes, staying healthily hydrated will most certainly promote healthy skin and prevent wrinkles.

Drinking lot’s of water helps the skin in many different ways that we will discuss in this article.

10 reasons why staying hydrated is great for the skin

#1 Reduces wrinkles

Wrinkles are something we all so greatly dread to see on ourselves. They start to show on the face and under eye areas first, then make their way to the rest of the body.

Staying hydrated can be an excellent way to reduce wrinkles on the face.

By drinking the right amount of water every day, you can be slowly tightening your skin. If you are not drinking water, the skin can become weak, and wrinkles are likely to form.

One unsightly wrinkle that a lack of water consumption is known to produce is crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are those wrinkles on the side of our eyes that show every time we make a facial expression or squint.

With a lack of water, the skin around our eyes is less likely to flatten out.

#2 Boosts skin elasticity

Skin elasticity is critical to your skin. If you have ever been dehydrated before you may have noticed how sluggish you skin behaves.

An excellent way to tell if you are hydrated or to make sure that your skin has high elasticity, you can try out this simple test.

Pinch the skin on the top of your hand and gently raise it about a half an inch (do not pull your skin until it hurts). Then let go of your skin and see if it quickly falls back into place.

If it falls back into place at a slow speed, this could be a clear sign that you are dehydrated and should drink much more water.

#3 Increased cell renewal

By drinking the right amount of water, your overall bodily functions will be performing a lot better.

One of these functions includes skin cell renewal. Skin cell renewal is vital for healthy skin and unfortunately slows down over time.

You cannot afford to decrease this already slowing function. With less skin cell renewal, the result is more wrinkles.

#4 Reduced toxins

Drinking a healthy amount of water is an excellent way to flush out the toxins in your body.

These toxins could ultimately be damaging your skin. Many of these toxins come from environmental factors.

Some of these environmental toxins include soot and diesel exhaust.

These toxins bind to our skin and cause oxidative stress which can eventually lead to premature fine lines and wrinkles.

#5 Preventing dehydration

This one may seem like a no brainer, but preventing dehydration can benefit the skin a lot.

Whenever you are dehydrated, the skin will dry out becoming brittle and frail.

Dry skin can have immediate wrinkling effects. Think about the last time you woke up hungover or very thirsty. You probably noticed that the wrinkles under your eyes looked to be much more plentiful.

#6 Provides nutrients

Drinking plenty of water can help our digestive system and allow more vitamins and minerals to reach our skin.does drinking water help reduce wrinkles

Vitamins such as vitamin C and Vitamin E are wonderful for the skin.

They work as powerful antioxidants to protect against ultraviolet damage and harmful free radicals.

#7 Prevents under eye bags

Drinking more water can also help reduce the sight of under eye bags.

Water helps pull the skin under our eyes tightly in, preventing under eye bags.

Many times these under eye bags show when we are tired or just waking up. This is caused by a lack of water in our skin.

#8 Increased circulation

When we are nice and hydrated, our cardiovascular health is increased immensely.

This means significant benefits for the skin. The more blood that flows to the skin, the more oxygen, nutrients, and minerals that are provided.

These factors all help in improving skin quality and banishing unwanted wrinkles.

#9 Flushes alcohol 

Whenever you drink too much alcohol, you could be damaging your skin.

This is because alcohol can cause you to become extremely dehydrated. It also greatly affects your bodies circulation.

Alcohol leads to great dehydration in our bodies. As we mentioned earlier, dehydration causes the skin to become scaly and show signs of premature aging.

A great rule of thumb to prevent dehydration when drinking is to drink one cup of water in between every one or two drinks. This will help save your skin from premature aging and will also save you from a nasty hangover!

#10 Heals UV damage

Sun exposure and premature aging are known to be very closely related.

In fact, most dermatologists will tell you that sun damage is the leading cause of premature aging.

An excellent way to heal UV damage is to drink lots of water.

How much water should I be drinking?

Water makes up about 60% of our body weight and is an essential to our everyday lives, but how much of it should we be drinking on a day to day basis?

The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking on average around 13 cups of water for men and 9 cups of water for women.

Drinking this much water every day will prolong wrinkling effects for years to come.

Will drinking excess water benefit the skin?

Many wonder whether or not to drink an excessive amount of water to plump up the skin.

They tend to believe that this will magically make the skin eliminate all of its wrinkles.

The truth is, if your body does not need it, it is simply flushed out. So do not go out and drink 2 gallons of water a day and think you are going to benefit your skin even more.

You are simply just going to take many more trips to the bathroom!


Staying hydrated is a great way to prevent wrinkles and promote healthy skin.

Feel free to share this article with anyone who would find this information inserting and do not hesitate to leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions that you have.